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H   Helicopter Pilot(ret) 
  Author - entertainer

A Private Heaven is an adventure-filled drama based on a true story. Like Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It, this is the story of two brothers as opposite as Cain and Abel.  

When Dave, the

A Private Heaven is an adventure-filled drama based on a true story. Like Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It, this is the story of two brothers as opposite as Cain and Abel.  When Dave, the impulsive, younger brother completes his tour of duty in Vietnam, he moves his young family to Newfoundland, where he embarks on a challenging, often dangerous career as a helicopter pilot. Dave's older brother, a six-foot-four, muscle-bound convict, has Hollywood good looks, a charming smile, and a serious penchant for violence.


With the stunningly beautiful island of Newfoundland as one backdrop and the Oklahoma State Penitentiary as the other, A Private Heaven is brimming with helicopters, rescues, icebergs, poachers, a prison rodeo, and even a prime minister's wife.  Dave quickly learns the harsh realities of bush flying and wonders what will explode first-his fragile marriage or his beat-up, antique helicopter.


                                                Readers Favorite Review by Leslie Jones 




The storytelling by Dave Eagleston is exceptional. He transports you into each and every situation so vividly that it triggers every one of your emotions. The descriptive narrative is also absolute perfection, especially the beautiful scenery of Newfoundland. The brutality Marv endured was particularly hard to read and this sentence summed up his psychological state so well; 'Sounds of his heart breaking and his fragile character slowly eroding, one cruel beating at a time.'


                                                Amazon Review by Kris Smith 


"As a story, it holds together wonderfully well, and I know it will linger in my memory for a very long time as one of the most engaging and compelling reads I've encountered in my lifetime (and I'm a voracious reader and an author myself). Great job, Dave Eagleston!" 


“A Canadian adventure, a family saga, and a gruesome look at life behind the massive prison walls of The Oklahoma State Penitentiary. A Private Heaven sweeps you away like an excited, unsuspecting passenger in one of Dave’s sleek, extraordinary helicopters. Like a love letter to Atlantic Canada delivered in the same envelope with an arrest warrant, this story touches your heart in unexpected ways.”

           Earl B. Pilgrim Author & Retired Newfoundland Wildlife Officer"


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WEST OF ALVA follows a city boy's excursion into the farmland of Oklahoma in 1961, where, twenty years before, Alva, Oklahoma, became the largest Nazi Prisoner of War Camp in the United States. It was known as Camp Alva.

Fifteen-year-old Matt has never driven a tractor, rode a horse, or even stepped foot on a farm. When he gets off a Greyhound bus from Tulsa and meets his new boss-a poor, alcoholic wheat farmer, it's easy to understand why he is homesick. And even easier to understand why Matt is suspicious as he is led to the attic the first night. The little attic where he is to sleep across the room from the old farmer.

Matt slowly faces the enormous challenges of his summer job while he puts together bits and pieces of truth about the farmer's downfall. Eventually, though, Matt needs some serious help, so he turns to his new friends: Carol, a beautiful farm girl, and Sam, a young, thoughtful, African-American boy.


Before they harvest the wheat and all the money goes into the bank, Matt must convince the troubled farmer to stay sober while he and his friends unravel the hidden connection between Camp Alva and a dangerous plot to terrorize the farmer and take over his farm.


This is a fine debut novel by author Dave Eagleston. Overall a solid piece of historical fiction based in truth and nicely documented.    Moonlight Musings- Vintage Story Telling in a Modern World - Blog

To Learn more or to purchase West of Alva, touch the cover page on the left.  

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Music quotes about Dave

Eagleston serves as both the narrating voice of Cash, while treating the audience to intimate, acoustic interpretations of Cash’s songs. (One of the show’s highlights is Eagleston’s delivery of “Hurt,” Cash’s 2002 cover of the Nine Inch Nails song.)

Lucinda Breeding – Denton Record-Chronicle June 27 2018

Dave Eagleston was our entertainment for the Coppell Senior Center's Independence Day Celebration - our first big event post-Covid.  He was amazing, and the seniors absolutely loved him.  His beautiful voice rang through the room, and his selection of songs was perfect, from Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, to Willie Nelson and many more.  He had everyone on their feet as he sang "Proud to be an American" as the finale.  The members sang along and danced, and there was much laughter and joy.  Thank you, Dave, for sharing your talent!!   

 Pam Walker, Coppell Senior & Community Center Program Coordinator 30 June 2022

Dave is as passionate as he is talented.  It's a privilege to watch him share his musical gift in story with the community as a whole in North Texas.  
Hanna Davis WFAA - Dallas.
Dave Eagleston of Frisco, who recently retired from aviation, thought it would be fun just to give it a try. “I’ve done work on television and radio and do some impressions,” he said. “This has already been a blast and I’d be ready if they called me up.       Fort Worth Star Telegram 



Dave has worked all over the world as a helicopter pilot and aviation advisor.  He has performed in several countries including Canada and Russia where he sang on Television as well as in night clubs and hotels.  

Helicopters gave him the ability to travel the world, and his voice has given him the opportunity to meet and entertain people of many cultures.  

Dave's deep, rich voice and his wide-ranging set list will take the audience on a music trip that might start with The Eagles or Zac Brown, and vary from singers of yesterday and today like Johnny Cash, Elton John, Elvis, Bruno Mars, Adele, and many, many others.      

Dave is available for various venues including Country Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants and Private Parties.  





Booking / Dave Eagleston,

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